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Primary characters Lucy. Kaede (楓), also known as Lucy (ルーシー, Rūshi) and Nyu (にゅう, Nyū), is a diclonius girl and the main protagonist of... Kouta. Kouta (コウタ/耕太, Kōta) is the main male protagonist of the series and is first introduced when he arrives in... Yuka. Yuka (ユカ) is Kouta's cousin, around. List of Major Characters in Elfen Lied. List of Minor Diclonii. Lucy's Puppy. M. Category:Main characters. Category:Male Characters. Category:Manga Characters. Category:Manga-Only Characters. Category:Maple House The central character of the Elfen Lied series, she is the protagonist and anti-hero of the story. The so-called 'Queen' Diclonius , Kaede, better known as Lucy and Nyu, was both ruthlessly tormented and a sadistic tormentor, driven by both the cruelty she found so often in life but also by the knowledge that love and acceptance was possible The female lead characters of Elfen Lied, left to right: Mayu, Yuka, Nyū, Nana The characters in Elfen Lied manga and anime series were created by Lynn Okamoto , with character design assistance from Seiji Kishimoto for the anime adaptation Charaktere. Hier findest du alle Charaktere von Elfen Lied. Es sind aktuell 53 Artikel in der Kategorie Charaktere gelistet

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Secondary Characters. Arakawa. Tags. Adult. Glasses. Ponytail. Scientist. jp. Eriko ISHIHARA Hier ist eine Liste der Charaktere aus Elfen Lied. Es sind aktuell 52 Artikel in der Kategorie Personen gelistet Voiced by: Chihiro Suzuki (Japanese), Adam Conlon (English) An 18-year-old student who arrives in the Kanagawa Prefecture to attend college. He is the male protagonist of the series. Kouta lives in a closed-down inn with his cousin, Yuka, while attending university Sociopathic Hero: She does show lack of regard for human life and has shown empathy for other people (namely Aiko) in the past, but by the time Elfen Lied starts, she's too far gone in her hatred of humans Gemini: Yuka. Cancer: Lucy. Leo:Kurama. Virgo:Professor Kakuzawa. Libra:Kanae. Scorpio: Nyu. Sagittarius:Mayu. Capricorn:Arakawa. Aquarius: Mariko

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  1. Several of the characters in the manga do not appear in the anime, such as Aiko, who Lucy encountered before the beginning of Elfen Lied (although she briefly appears in the OVA) and the characters of Silpelit Number 28, the Mariko clones, Lucy's younger half-brother, Anna Kakuzawa and Yuka's friend Nozomi, who wants to be a singer but cannot because of a verbally abusive father and unsupporting family. There is also a difference in the characters' personalities in the anime.
  2. Elfen Lied (jap. エルフェンリート, Erufen Rīto) ist ein Manga von Lynn Okamoto, von dem es ebenfalls eine Anime-Umsetzung gibt. 1 Szenario 2 Handlung (des Anime) 3 Elfenlied 4 Charaktere 4.1 Hauptcharaktere 4.2 Nebencharaktere 5 Entstehung und Veröffentlichungen 5.1 Manga 5.2 Anime 5.2.1 Stil und Motiv
  3. File:Elfen Lied Nyu.jpg. Not a separate character in the strictly technical sense, Nyu is the split personality of Lucy that developed after a .50 BMG round grazed the metallic helmet protecting her head. Nyu has a childlike personality, an infantile knowledge of the world, and lacks spoken language skills, only able to say Nyu and Kouta most of the time. Nyu is innocent and incapable of.
  4. Kaede, also known as Lucy in her mad form or Nyu in her amnesiac form, is the main protagonist and anti-hero of Elfen Lied. Lucy is the Queen Diclonius, an evolutionary offshoot of the human race. In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi
  5. Kouta is the deuteragonist in 'Elfen Lied' and is the affection interest of Lucy, who implies totally everything to her. Kouta goes over Lucy while going for a stroll one day and not at all like most other typical people, he really acts all ordinary when he sees Lucy's abnormal appearance and her fiend horns
  6. Elfen Lied takes place in Kamakura, Japan, focusing on a new strain of the human race, Diclonius, similar to human beings but different at the genetic level and notable due to physical abnormalities, particularly a pair of short horn-like protrusions. One such Diclonius, Lucy, is the main character of the series: Initially held in a facility.

Friend Invite https://MyAnimeList.net/profile/TuzoAnime Friend Invite Anime-MDL: https://MyDramaList.com/profile/TuzoAnime Follow me on Twitter Life: https:.. The main non-mutant character in the story is Kouta, who ends up becoming increasingly involved with one diclonius in particular, the main mutant character Lucy, the only pure diclonius, as she seeks a way to infect or kill all of humanity. Lucy has a cruel and unsettling past, and she has long since lost her empathy for humans, except for Kouta Kouta is the deuteragonist in 'Elfen Lied' and is the love interest of Lucy, who means absolutely everything to her. Kouta comes across Lucy while taking a walk one day and unlike most other normal humans, he actually acts all normal when he notices Lucy's strange appearance and her devil horns Kaede, more commonly known as Lucy or Nyu, is the main character, protagonist, and anti-hero/anti-villain of the Elfen Lied series. * Warning: This series is not for the faint of heart. Read this page at your own peril Pictures based off of Gustav Klimt's artwork, showing Lucy/Nyu both in moments of crying and moments of content, perfectly demonstrating the character's journey of pain and suffering in search for a place to belong in the world. Coupled with the amazing song, Lilium, if the opening itself is enough to make your emotions waver, then you know that you're in for something big

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26 images of the Elfen Lied cast of characters. Photos of the Elfen Lied (Show) voice actors A Part of the character cast from the anime Elfen Lied has already been entered into our database. You can support aniSearch by completing the cast or enhancing existing entries with further details. We have a special section for characters and a dedicated team for it, which will help you if the need arises. In our forums you can also find a general tutorial (in German) for entering. List of all Elfen Lied characters, including main characters, heroes, villains, and more. One of the more violent gore anime that's out there, Elfen Lied tells the story of Lucy, an escaped Diclonius who was being experimented on due to her unique nature. Many bodies are laid to waste during her exit, and after being injured she develops a second, child-like personality that only speaks the. Following Lucy, Kouta is the main male protagonist in the Elfen Lied series. His character is described to have been born and raised initially in Hokkaido. He is very important to Lucy and is the tragic love of her life Plot. Elfen Lied takes place in Kamakura, Japan, focusing on a new strain of the human race - Diclonius, similar to ordinary human beings, yet different at the genetic level and notable due to physical abnormalities, particularly a pair of short horn-like protrusions.One such Diclonius, Lucy, is the main character of the series: initially held in a facility built for experimentation, located.

Elfen Lied (Characters) Elfen World :: Elfen Lied :: Elfen Lied (Characters) Topics Replies Views Last Posts Sticky: Aiko Takada. by Jamie Dark 0 Replies 584 Views Jamie Dark Last Posts Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:42 am Sticky: Shirakawa. by Jamie Dark 0 Replies 306 Views Jamie Dark Last Posts Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:41 am Sticky: Saito (Mariko's 'mother') by Jamie Dark 0 Replies 343 Views Jamie Dark Last. Video about all the kills made by the Diclonius in Anime of Elfen Lied. My first video ever. Hope you like this! // Video su tutte le uccisioni compiute dai. Elfen Lied Anime. 275 likes. Elfen Lied es un anime dirigido por Mamoru Kanbe basado en el manga del mismo nombre creado por Lynn Okamoto. Nos cuenta la historia de los diclonius, la siguiente.. Railgun's characters have abilities like teleport, generating electricity and Elfen Lied characters have hidden hands that can be used for killing. report Recommended by Liinah. Claymore add permalink. Both have woman who fight and aren't human, and a human guy with dead parents as one of the main character. Both are pretty dark and gory and have no clear line between the good and the bad guys. Summary. Short summary describing this volume

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  1. Category:Elfen Lied characters | The United Organization Toons Heroes Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Multi-World Journey Wiki. 2,070 Pages. Add new page . Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. Light Yagami; Deviot; Venger (Dungeons and.
  2. Elfen Lied Characters. Category page. Edit. Edit source History Talk (0) Characters of the anime/manga, Elfen.
  3. Chihiro Edit Person Information Suzuki. Japanese. Hitomi Edit Person Information Nabatam
  4. Elfen Lied (jap. エルフェンリート, Erufen Rīto) ist eine 13-teilige Anime-Fernsehserie, die auf dem von Lynn Okamoto geschriebenen und gezeichneten Manga Elfen Lied aufbaut. Es wurden jedoch nur etwa die ersten 71 Kapitel des Mangas umgesetzt, wobei sich der Anime mit fortgeschrittener Handlung immer weiter von seiner Vorlage entfernte und die Handlung mit einem angedeuteten offenen.
  5. i, Leo and Virgo. Kouta; Taurus.
  6. List of Elfen Lied characters: | | ||| | The |Elfen Lied| cast in the manga. | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias.
  7. Read Elfen Lied Characters from the story Anime Zodiac Signs! by Quil45 (An emotional mess) with 889 reads. stuff, zodiac, yeah. Aries: Kouta Taurus: Nana my..

WARNING: *VIDEO MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*Um...this is just a little amv I made about the theme songs of the characters from Elfen Lied...I think I did a pret.. Elfen Lied Characters: Lucy - Lucy (also known as Kaede or Nyu) is considered the queen of the Diclonius. She's driven by hate and torment because that was all she knew growing up. As she gets to know Kouta, she experiences love and a sense of belonging. It is later revealed that her affection for Kouta is much more deep seeded. Kouta (Elfen Lied) - Kouta is an ordinary university.

Kurama (Elfen Lied) (10) Original Characters (7) Yuka (7) Exclude Relationships Kouta/Lucy (Elfen Lied) (26) Kouta/Yuka (Elfen Lied) (6) Mayu/Nana (5) Other Relationship Tags to Be Added (4) Kouta & Yuka (Elfen Lied) (4) Haruno Sakura & Uzumaki Naruto (2) Kyuubi | Nine-tails | Kurama & Uzumaki Naruto (2) Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Ymir (2) Kouta & Lucy (Elfen Lied) (2) Kaneki Ken | Sasaki. Elfen Lied is an excellent anime series about the darker, and often inhumane and inhuman, side of humanity. Elfen Lied is a short anime series about a race of mutants, called Diclonii. Diclonii, as a species, are highly motivated to kill human beings and destroy all of mankind in order to create a new world for their own species Elfen Lied is based on Lynn Okamoto's seinen manga series of the same name and premiered while the manga was still in publication. The anime follows the source material through the first 7 volumes, with several alterations to the story, and concludes with an exclusive ending. In an interview, director Mamoru Kanbe expressed his disappointment in having to 'condense' to story into 13 episodes.

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Lucyis the main protagonist ofElfen Lied.She is the Queen Diclonius, an evolutionary offshoot of the Human race. 1 History 1.1 Background 1.2 Elfen Lied 2 The Anime 3 Personality 4 Abilities 5 Quote Nov 1, 2018 - My favorite character is Lucy. See more ideas about elfen lied, anime, favorite character Elfen Lied (エルフェンリート, Erufen Rīto) has a rather confusing plot and setting in the anime version alone; the bits of the setting which I glimpsed from discussions about it hint at the original manga being even more complex in the relationship department between the characters and organisations. It doesn't help that the manga wasn't finished by the time the anime was produced.

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  1. In it, she plays the part of Ennis, another powerful young woman used by others, and who faces questions about her own essential humanity, much like her character in Elfen Lied. With the exception of Chief and Professor Kakuzawa, Lucy is the only horned character in the series who uses a firearm, and certainly the only true Diclonius to do so
  2. Topics similar to or like List of Elfen Lied characters. The characters in the Elfen Lied manga and anime series were created by Lynn Okamoto, with character-design assistance from Seiji Kishimoto for the anime adaptation. Wikipedia. List of Elfen Lied episodes. Anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Lynn Okamoto. Produced by Arms Corporation and directed by Mamoru Kanbe, it.
  3. For detailed information about this series, visit the Elfen Lied Wiki. 1 Summary 2 Power of the Verse 3 Supporters/Opponents/Neutral 3.1 Supporters 3.2 Opponents 3.3 Neutral 4 Characters Elfen Lied is a manga written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto, beginning in 2002 and ending in 2005. It was also adapted into a 12-episode anime that ran in 2004, before the manga was complete. The plot.
  4. Lucy from Elfen lied, she's a cool character, I mean she's a complete B. A. Elfenlied Manga Lucy Elfenlied Traurige Anime Spielplatz Kinder Traurige Bilder Weibliche Charaktere Japanische Malerei Holzschnitt Anime Serien. Download wallpaper 360x640 elfen lied, lucy, art, girl, hair, face, anime nokia n8, c5, c6, c7, e7, x6 nokia 5800, 5230, 5228, sony ericsson vivaz hd background . Download.
  5. Elfen Lied is the subject of the 150th episode of Anime Abandon, hosted by Bennett the Sage. It was posted to both YouTube and Benthesage.com on July 14th, 2016. In this milestone episode of Anime Abandon, Sage takes a look at Elfen Lied, a 2004 Anime who's bloody and misanthropic themes and content have made it a divisive title. Bennett explores the themes and ideas behind the show and why it.
  6. TV series: Elfen Lied (English title) Erufen Rīto (Japanese title) Voices: Sanae Kobayashi (Japanese dub) Kira Vincent Davis (English dub) There is a reason why this character is placed into two different characters. The next entry will not be a Villain but a Sidekick and this will happen if anymore joint Princess/Villain entry should appear. In the case of Prince/Villain entries, it will be.
  7. Elfen Lied is, at its core, defined by her love for and relationship with Kouta, marked by some joy but also by deepest tragedy. As a Diclonius, Kaede possessed power rivaled by few others of her kind, and control over her vectors, mostly invisible telekinetic 'arms', virtually second to none. She was also capable of spreading the Diclonius mutation to the children born to people she infected.

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About Elfen Lied. Elfen Lied tells the tragic and catastrophic story of Lucy, the Diclonii, and the humans.A Diclonius is a human that has evolved to possess horns and wield psychic vectors. From the start of their emergence, the Diclonii have been brought to secret research facilities for morbid experiments and studies Dieses mal, versuche ich die erste Staffel von Elfen Lied etwas, umzuschreiben mit einem What if-Szenario. In diesem Szenario zeigt sich was passiert wäre, wenn Rayo während oder vor Lucys Ausbruch geweckt worden wäre. Manche Ereignisse bleiben gleich, könnten aber theoretisch noch verändert oder umgeschrieben werden. Generell ist die Handlung, bezüglich Rayo etwas verändert. Alles.

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Elfen Lied Series: Blood, gore and beautifully drawn characters and occasional sensual nudity: checked; tragic moments juxtapose with humorous relief: checked; a story so engaging you cannot stop watching even if this is your second time watching this series: checked! If we are talking about entertaining storytelling, I don't really know what. Elfen Lied Box (2 Bände) (Der Manga ist abgeschlossen) Bislang 6 Bände auf Deutsch erschienen. Band 1 Erschienen im April 2009 (Der Band ist erschienen) ISBN 978-3-86719-654-3 ASIN 3867196540 Kaufpreis: 6,00 Euro Gebrauchtpreis bei Amazon: ab 6,00 Euro Kaufen bei Amazon Der Originalband erschien im Dezember 2002 ISBN vom Originalband 978-4-08-876358-3 / 978-4-08-876379-8 Band 2 Erschienen im. Jan 17, 2020 - Explore ThatAnimeGirl's board Elfin Lied on Pinterest. See more ideas about elfen lied, anime, manga Read Elfen Lied - Lucy is a special breed of human referred to as Diclonius, born with a short pair of horns and invisible telekinetic hands that lands her as a victim of inhumane scientific experimentation by the government. However, once circumstances present her an opportunity to escape, Lucy, corrupted by the confinement and torture, unleashes a torrent of bloodshed as she escapes her. Jul 15, 2015 - Yees, more Elfen Lied fan characters! I kinda rushed though ^_^; Elfen Lied Fan Characters

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Lucy, also calledKaede, is the main protagonist and anti-heroine of the Japanese anime/manga series,Elfen Lied. She previously fought Carnage in a Death Battle. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas 2 Possible Opponents 3 Tournaments 3.1 Halloween 2018 Carnage vs Lucy (Completed) Chara vs Lucy (Elfen Lied) Doomguy.. Browse through and take elfen lied quizzes. You would like to know, da? Well, take the quiz! Includes Death Note, FMA Brotherhood, Shingeki no Kyojin, Elfen Lied, OHSHC, Mirai Nikki, and Black Butler

Elfen Lied is, beyond the extreme gore, violence, and otherwise uncomfortable subject matter, defined by her love for Kouta and her desire to atone for her past sins against him while she's dogged by humans out to either take her life or re-purpose it to suit their own goals. As a Diclonius, Lucy possessed power rivaled by very few others of her kind, and her control over her vectors was. Includes Death Note, FMA Brotherhood, Shingeki no Kyojin, Elfen Lied, OHSHC, Mirai Nikki, and Black Butler. I will probably edit Black Butler when I finish watching it ^^ enjoy P.S. none of the pictures are mine on this quiz or the other ones. J Download Elfen Lied Uncensored Season 1 Episode 1 [Dub], Watch Elfen Lied Uncensored Season 1 Episode 1 [Dub] Colors and patterns resembling Klimt's distinct mannequin have been used and characters of the gathering have been drawn to recreate numerous work from the artist's golden interval, along with The Kiss (Lovers). The opening theme Lilium, which is sung in (*1*) Latin, makes use of. Kouta is the love interest of Lucy/Nyu in the anime and manga series Elfen Lied.He arrives in Kanagawa Prefecture to attend college, having previously arranged to stay with his cousin Yuka while at school. Kouta enters the story when Yuka's family gives him a closed-down restaurant, the Kaeda House, as long as he maintains it, and begins living there with Yuka while going to a university. One.

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Elfen Lied ist ein Anime des Studios »Commonsense Inc., Studio Guts Co., Ltd.« mit dem Hauptgenre Actiondrama The characters in the Elfen Lied manga and anime series were created by Lynn Okamoto, with character-design assistance from Seiji Kishimoto for the anime adaptation. The plot and characters are described, below, using in-universe tone. Elfen Lied takes place in Kamakura, Japan, where a fictional mutant human sub-species, with violent telekinetic powers, has been discovered I like them all, even if i may not know one of them, But Bando, Ugh one sack of shit that i really hate Retrieved from https://kaijufanon.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Elfen_Lied_Characters?oldid=2200

Elfen Lied definitely had some memorable characters that I think about a lot. There's no exact date, but the show definitely took place in the 2000's, you can tell because everyone has flip phones, no phones with screens. It's been awhile, I wonder how they're doing now. Yuka and Kouta are in their mid 30s, and their kid is in her early. Elfen Lied - Plot and Characters - Diclonius. Diclonius. Much of the plot of Elfen Lied revolves around the Diclonii species, which strongly resemble humans; the only obvious difference are the two horn-like protrusions extending from the temporal and parietal regions of the skull. Diclonii powers involve the use of invisible arms, known as vectors that can grasp and impact things as if they. Regarding character names:The romanization of character names in this topic has been highly contentious.Please read this archive of past conversations and start a conversation at Talk:Elfen Lied before making any major changes 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others 5 Discussions Kaede, better known as Lucy, was the original Diclonius, the fertile Queen that spread the Diclonius virus to create more of her kind. Abandoned by her parents as a child, she was raised in an orphanage, where she was isolated and mistreated thanks to her horns. When her bullies killed her pet dog, the trauma caused her to lash. Elfen Lied Lucy 12/07/19. This message is VERY URGENT (PLEASE READ) More Featured Posts. Ebony Jackson . 02/15/19. My Lucy looks cool . 62. 1. Nyu . 01/16/19. 44. 3. Nyu . 01/16/19. 36. 2 • нσѕнι нαкυмєι • 12/19/18 『 Mariko's Case in a Weirdo's Eyes... 』 This is how I interpret Mariko. Thought I should share it with you because most people think she's a bitch. But not me.

Elfen Lied is based on a manga of the same name -- or, at least, partially based on it. The anime ended before the manga did, lasting only thirteen episodes. The manga, on the other hand, is twelve volumes long, meaning that the anime only adapted the earliest parts of the Elfen Lied story, cutting out huge chunks of it along the way, only to make up its own, unsatisfying cliff hanger of an. This article lists the many background character deaths that occur in the anime series Elfen Lied. 1 Episode 1 - A Chance Encounter (Begegnung) 2 Episode 6 - Innermost Feelings (Herzenswärme) 3 Episode 8 - The Beginning (Beginn) 4 Episode 9 - Reminiscence (Schöne Erinnerung) 5 Episode 10 - Infant (Säugling) 6 Episode 12 - Quagmire (Taumeln) 7 Episode 13 - No Return (Erleuchtung) The episode. 'Elfen Lied' became an inspiration for Netflix's hit series, 'Stranger Things..More recently, I had seen an anime called Elfen Lied that is clearly inspired by Akira. And that was really influential. When I watched it, I thought it felt like an ultraviolent E.T. There were a lot of things in there that I really liked and that made their way into the show, particularly related to the character. The synopsis of the Queen Diclonius Lucy from Elfen Lied. 1 Manga 1.1 Childhood 1.2 Seeding and capture 1.3 Escape to Kouta 1.4 Two New Girls 1.5 The Son Of Kakuzawa 1.6 New Residents 1.7 A Short Peace 1.8 The Pride Of False Gods, The Wrath Of The Real One 1.9 The End 1.10 The Anime Born as Kaede, a girl with horns atop her head that resembled cat-ears, she was abandoned in a field on a. Elfen Lied Characters - Group Info. Statistics CR Points: 2597 Members: 115 Forum Posts: 64 Wall Posts: 52 Photos Uploaded

Characters hailing from the Elfen Lied Universe; Characters favorite by Daveg502; Lucy (Elfen Lied) View source. History Talk (0) Comments Share. She may be dangerous on the outside, but inside she is a tormented girl trying to find a place that doesn't reject her in the human world The human characters of Elfen Lied, with a few notable exceptions, generally treat the Diclonius with suspicion and loathing. Most humans either bully the Diclonius or lock them away in top-secret laboratories to experiment on and torture. As such, the series is generally understood as a critique of how people treat those who are different. This interpretation only scratches the surface. Elfen Lied Character Quiz . 5 Questions | By Lilax76 | Last updated: Jan 16, 2013 | Total Attempts: 1148 . Start. What elfen lied character are you? Lucy,Nana,Mariko,Mayu,Kohta or Yuka. Questions and Answers 1. Who is your least favorite character? A. Yuka. B. Lucy. Elfen Lied: Characters, voice actors and more. You can start the stories of your favourite characters (Lucy, Nana, Kouta, Mayu, Yuka, Mariko Kurama, Bando, Kurama, Number 3, Kanae). Anime Elfen Lied: Critic. Lena, who would love to be like the characters, asked us about: Konnichiwa pros thank you for showing us the way. I read your news every day

Elfen Lied flip-flops between all of these more often than John Kerry in a Republican TV ad, and to everybody's surprise, it still doesn't suck. At least not entirely. The main reason for that is that the series still has quite a few redeeming values, the first being the opening. The theme song Lilium is absolutely beautiful: a slow, almost pastoral piece of music with mysterious. Elfen Lied Found 11 Free Elfen Lied Drawing tutorials which can be drawn using Pencil, Market, Photoshop, Illustrator just follow step by step directions. How to Draw Chief Kakuzawa from Elfen Lied Elfen Lied (エルフェンリート, Erufen Rīto) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. It was originally serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump from June 2002 to August 2005, with the 107 chapters collected into twelve tankōbon volumes.. A 13-episode anime television series adaptation was produced by the studio Arms and broadcast on AT-X from July to.

Mar 13, 2016 - Explore Antisocial Otaku's board Elfen Lied, followed by 4210 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about elfen lied, anime, manga May 16, 2018 - Take this quiz and find ou

Nov 23, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by PHOENIX. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres My main problem with Elfen Lied is that some characters are not fully developed and a few are pretty close. Which leads me to the story. The story in Elfen Lied is indeed a tragic one, It actually was somewhat interesting. But I should warn you that if you do not like a heavy amount of gore, you may want to avoid this one, because during the first 10 minutes, the viewer is presented just that.

Karen KISURAGI | Anime-Planetクロスアンジュ 天使と竜の輪舞 第23話 アレなシーン まとめ by ひぐビズRG アニメ/動画 - ニコニコ動画My Hero Academia Anime Casts Aoi Yūki, Ryou HirohashiProfessor Venomous | Villains Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikiapost an angry/furious anime character - Anime Answers - Fanpop

Elfen Lied (エルフェンリート Erufen Rīto) is a Japanese manga/anime about the utter evilness of anime chicks with cat-ear-like protrusions on their heads. Especially if they're suffering from dissociative personality disorder and one of their personalities says Nyu all the time. Elfen Lied details the tragic story of Nyu/Lucy/Kaede who kills people on a daily basis, despite her. But Elfen Lied just doesn't do anything with it's violence. It's just there for excessive shock value. The show plays with themes, and the main character, Lucy, is very interesting. But she alone can't make up for the fact that she's a goddamn mute half the time and that everyone around her is the most annoying person ever. So my biggest issues with it are that the plot is mediocre, a lack of. Elfen Lied explores the nature of humanity, and what can come from it when a child is isolated, abused, and pushed to the limit. It accomplishes this goal rather well. Music enhances these moments where a character's psyche breaks and violence paints the screen. The opening is a tragic Latin opera called 'Lilium,' set to bizarre symbolist art inspired by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. elfen lied characters elfen lied clips elfen lied closing elfen lied closong elfen lied clothing elfen lied complete collection elfen lied complete collection torrent elfen lied confrontation dub elfen lied cosplay elfen lied costume elfen lied costumes elfen lied dead elfen lied diclonius elfen lied did lucy die elfen lied did lucy nyu die elfen lied direct download elfen lied discussion. Good story and themes , and interesting characters, never gets boring. Now I'm not the kind of person that goes for tons' of pointless gore & Elfen Lied does have more than it's fair share of gore, but personly I never found it pointless; shocking, brutal yes, but not pointless. The violence in it is not the begin all and end all of the show.

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